Seasons Come, Seasons Go

Allison Argent (played by Crystal Reed) dies in the episode Insatiable.

Courtesy of MTV

Allison Argent (played by Crystal Reed) dies in the episode “Insatiable.”

Deepening the wound of spring break ending were the surprises, lies, and deaths that sprinkled onto season finales.

MTV’s Teen Wolf closed it’s third season with fans still mourning the death of Allison Argent, who played the role of the main character’s love interest from the episode before. Argent broke the mold of the typical supernatural girlfriend. She wasn’t like Twilight’s Bella Swan whose life revolved around the brooding vampire she clung to, or The Vampire Diaries Elena Gilbert, who despite now being a vampire, has a plot focused on choosing between two guys. Throughout the show, Argent discovered that her family is comprised of werewolf hunters with the women in the family taking the reigns. Despite her love for Scott, the show’s teen wolf, she made her own choices and shifted from ally to adversary, proving that unlike other female characters she can have her own purpose.

The finale titled “The Divine Move,” had Chris Argent returning to work after his daughters death and making sure the teenagers told the police to pass off  her death as a mugging instead of it’s supernatural truth. The group then attempt to kill the Oni, the bad guys, with silver arrows. Ultimately, one of the gang sacrifices himself to kill an Oni and gets stabbed in the stomach.

HBO’s Girls has a history of finales that mirror their season premieres. The second season opened with Adam breaking into Hannah’s apartment, causing her to call the police, while the season ended with Adam again breaking into the apartment, this time kicking the door down, but the action was perceived as a romantic gesture. The third season’s finale, however, was just full of self-centeredness. Lena Dunam’s character, Hannah, gets accepted into the Iowa Writers Workshop and tells her boyfriend, Adam, the news of moving to a different state right before his Broadway debut. Marnie, Hannah’s sometimes best friend, was a complete pathetic mess. She told her friend, Shoshanna, that she’s been involved with her love interest, Ray, and then she gave a gift to a guy already in a relationship and kissed him.

A show that’s no stranger to finales that leave mouthes gaping is ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. The season as a whole was full of twists and turns with the Liar’s finding out Allison is alive, but terrified of whoever tried to kill her and started all this mess. Their teacher and Aria’s boyfriend, Ezra, may have had something to do with it. However, Ezra is then discovered to not be the murderer but instead, a person trying to exploit the supposed incident and the girls for a book. The finale had Allison recounting the events of that night and clearing Spencer from being a suspect. She reveals that Mrs. DiLaurentis sees the identity of whoever tried to kill Allison but doesn’t tell the police. Then the hooded deviant tries to harm the girls before Ezra spontaneously shows up and get’s shot, leaving his future in the show up to the devious minds of the writers.

Other finales included The Bachelor, with Juan Pablo choosing between two ladies but proposing to no one. He sent home Sacramento hairstylist Clara first, who responded angrily to the rejection, and gave the final rose to pediatric nurse Nikki, although he didn’t put a ring on her finger because he wasn’t 100 percent sure he wanted to purpose to her, but he was 100 percent sure he didn’t want to let her go.

Golden Globe winning Comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, closed it’s season with Andy Samberg’s character, Detective Jake Peralta, no longer a part of the precinct. Instead of working as part of the Nine-Nine, he’ll go undercover of an organized crime family. Before the half-hour show ended, Samberg’s character revealed feelings to his former rival, Detective Amy Santiago, and opened the possibility of a romance in the show’s second season.

Other finales coming up include the The Walking Dead on Sunday and the series finale of CBS’s How I Met Your Mother on the 31st.