Mothers and Mindy’s

After Ted Moseby’s nine-season long story that bored his children but excited audiences, CBS’s How I Met Your Mother finally reached its end.

The episode, “Last Forever,” started with a flashback to the start of the series when Robin meets the gang and becomes a part of their shenanigans. The reminder of the episode then bounces back and forth between Ted’s first meeting with “The Mother” at the train station and the events leading up to the start of telling his kids.

During a flash forward to 2015, Ted and “The Mother” are planning their wedding with a baby on board, and the marital problems sprout up between Barney and Robin. The next year, 2016, has Lily and Marshall having a third kid and Ted and the mother joining them as parents. It is then revealed that Barney and Robin are now divorced.

Marshall and Lily finally say goodbye to the iconic apartment with one last Halloween party. Robin shows up and confesses to Lily that she should have ended with Ted and that their little group will never be the same again.

A new year, 2019, welcomes a newly matured Barney, who after a month of hooking up with different girls every day, fathers a child. After seeing his daughter Ellie, Barney realizes that she is the love of her life and he has finally found a purpose away from MacLaren’s bar and his playbook.

In the flash forward to 2030, Ted explains to his two kids that as soon as he met their mother he knew that he had to love her as much as he could for as long as he could. That time was cut short, unfortunately, and it is revealed that The Mother died of an illness six years before the beginning of the story.

After finishing the 208-episode long story, Ted is faced with less-than-pleased kids. They tell him that they don’t buy the reason behind the story, which barely includes their mother, and is instead all about how he’s in love with Aunt Robin. Ted realizes that they’re right and goes to her apartment with the same blue horn that won her over in season one.

Although some fans were disappointed by the finales treatment towards the mother and the groups lack of a happy ending, the series as a total was as Barney Stinson would say, “Legendary.”

While one story ended, another got more complicated. FOX’s The Mindy Project returned from a hiatus with Doctors Mindy Lahiri and Danny Castellano dealing with the aftermath of their kiss on the plane. When the two return to the big apple, they are confronted by Mindy’s ex, who greets her with a band and a proposal to date again. After Mindy accepts, her and Danny try to make Cliff break up with her, even giving a eulogy at his grandmother’s funeral that included pop references and the words “irregardless” and “sadliness.” Eventually Mindy confesses to Cliff that she and Danny kissed, and that it wouldn’t be for the last time, prompting Cliff to punch Danny.

The second part of the episode started with Danny and Mindy deciding to “take it slow,” which bothers Danny due to Mindy’s past less-than-classy relationships. The next half hour continues with Danny landing in the hospital from viral meningitis and referring her as a “coworker” when introducing her to his brother, and Mindy dealing with a scandalous video between her and her ex-boyfriend, Tom,  that made it’s way onto the internet.

The website removes the video but Mindy’s problems trudge on when she winds up in the hospital with viral meningitis too. The episode ends with Danny wheeling himself into her hospital room and, after some words from their co worker Peter and being called too judgmental by his brother, agrees to take it slow with Mindy.

The Mindy Project continues next tuesday on FOX with another full hour.