Neighbors Pokes Fun at Frat Life

Neighbors Pokes Fun at Frat Life

Jacob Serrano, Staff Writer

Many try to either get along with neighbors, others simply ignore them. In the film “Neighbors,”  two houses go to war with each other.

Seth Rogen is back in a comedy that pairs him up with a Zac Efron in a movie that truly tests each other’s wits, and each other’s patience. The cast consists of many  characters played by actors Dave Franco (21 Jump Street), Chris Mintz-Plasse (Superbad), Rose Byrn (Xmen: First Class) and many others.

Not only was the film filled with hilarious moments, but it also shows a story that makes you concerned about your future. Seth Rogen and Rose Byrn play a couple that try to be interesting after realizing that they have been feeling too old lately. Later comes along the Frat house that’s lead by Zac Efron’s character who realizes that he has no potential future after finding out he dedicated more to his frat instead of his school work like Dave Franco’s character.

The film doesn’t become boring with cheap jokes but delivers constant laughs like a Robert De Niro-themed party, Seth and Zac debating on which Batman actor was better, and even air bags in unexpected places.

Neighbors truly brings a fresh, new comedy to the big screen. Neighbors is a film that any teen, college student, or even adult should check out.