X-Men is Exceptional


Abbey Brannock, Copy Editor

Known as the “best Marvel movie ever,” with a $111 million opening weekend, X-Men: Days of Future Past lives up to the hype in an unsurprisingly action-packed two hour and ten minute movie.

A bad habit that movie producers have is living by the motto of “when in doubt, make a sequel about time travel,” but Days of Future Past does an amazing job at taking a cliched storyline and turning it into an experience. The entire 130 minutes are full of twists and turns, and the ending was never clear to the viewer – even down to the last ten minutes, you weren’t sure if the ending would be a sad or happy one.

The X-Men movies are so interconnected that some may be intimidated by the massive, complicated storyline that comes with it. However, it doesn’t take a several hour movie day to figure out the story of Days of Future Past and non-comic book lovers can jump onto the movie very easily.

With spectacular acting, striking special effects (with Quicksilver’s role in the movie being one of the most impressive parts), and unexpected twists, this movie is the image of what a great comic book movie should be. The well-done adaptation of these incredible characters to the movie screen is what every comic geek and X-Men movie fan hopes for, and Days of Future Past did not disappoint.