Modern Art that Leaves You Speechless

Wheels & Heels exhibition

Grace Almanza, Staff Writer

Palm Beach flourishes with its brand new art exhibitions this summer. From Barbies to photojournalism to collages, these exhibitions open the eyes of museum goers everywhere and give them the opportunity to view pieces of artwork that have never been seen before.

Wheels And Heels: “The Big Noise About Little Toys!”

The Norton Museum of Art’s “Wheels & Heels” exhibition revolves around the two most influential toys in a child’s life: matchbox cars and Barbies. This exhibit relays the beginning of both toys and how they became the iconic images that they are today. 

 A walk through this exhibit is an experience perfect for children and even young adults everywhere. With the walls painted bright, vibrant colors, it’s hard to resist keeping fascinated smiles off your face as you gaze at the many models of cars and Barbies that  decorate the room. Hands unintentionally reach towards glass panels that Barbies are posed in and it’s hard for security guards to keep everyone from touching the glass because they’re so entranced. This exhibition is definitely one to visit before the summer ends. “Wheels & Heels” will  be open to the public until the end of October.

Living Legends

 Also at the Norton is a collection of special collages by famous artist Robert Weingarten. Weingarten reached out to the legends of today’s world and asked them to fill a page with places, objects, and things that they thought “captured their spiritual essence rather than their physical image”. The collages that decorate the walls of this exhibition are the beautiful and pleasing to the eye end result.

Legends included in this exhibit range from influential artists to sports figures to politicians, including former American astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor and lyricist Stephen Sondheim. These pieces of artwork give the viewer a direct insight to the mind and spirit of these legendary figures. A visit to this beautiful exhibition is definitely recommended. 

Best of 2014

The Palm Beach Photographic Center’s “Best Photojournalism Pictures of 2014” really leaves an impact. Full of shocking and eye opening pictures, the exhibit includes images from the Boston Marathon to Gaza. The images are blatant and straight forward in their message, and they manage to pull at your core and leave you breathless. The work on the walls definitely works to remind visitors of the real things happening around them.

What’s better is that the center chooses to leave the pictures caption-less. Viewers are left to draw their own conclusions from these gripping images. Although context is important, this tactic allows people to dive into the picture more thoroughly, swimming through the lines and composition to find the deeper meaning. This exhibit gathers amazing pictures and undoubtedly displays photojournalism at its finest.