Remember. Survive. Run.

Remember. Survive. Run.

Colleen Rock, Staff Writer

A dark closed room called the Box, ascends with a sixteen year old boy who’s memory is wiped. Knowing nothing about where he is, or why. The only thing he remembers is his name, Thomas.

James Dashner’s The Maze Runner  is a book that will have you begging for answers, leaving you just as confused and frustrated as Thomas is when he first enters The Glade. The Glade is the center of the maze where about fifty other boys live and farm to survive. During the day, a small number of boys, The Runners, go out into the maze trying to find a way out. Thomas  decides right away that he wants to become one of them.

But figuring out the maze is no easy task – it constantly changes and moves, making it almost impossible to map it out. As if the maze isn’t enough, a girl named Teresa, suddenly appears through the Box, the first girl to ever enter the maze. This stirs up some trouble for the hero since Teresa seems to know who Thomas is. Eventually, after a heroic moment of Thomas going out into the maze and saving two other runners, he is easily nominated to become a runner. While fighting the nightmarish creatures within the maze and trying to find a way out, he comes to the conclusion that he is there for a reason.

This post-apocalyptic book will have you flipping the pages to figure out why they are there, and if they will ever find a way out of the maze.

This year on September 19th The Maze Runner will become a motion picture movie, with Dylan O’Brien as Thomas and Kaya Scodelario as Teresa. Hopefully, they won’t stray too far from the book, and make it completely different like many other books that were turned into movies.  Judging from the trailers alone, there are already some noticeable changes that were made. It’s still exciting to see one of my favorite books as a live action film.