Book vs Movie: The Maze Runner


Colleen Rock, Staff Writer

Many movie adaptions of books have some things that the director leaves out, in order for the movie to flow better, and for the plot to be easier to understand. The Maze Runner isn’t an exception. Here are five differences I spotted throughout the movie.


Thomas remembers right away

In the beginning, as soon as he remembers his name he starts to have dreams of WICKED, with the constant mantra of “Wicked is good.”  While in the book, he doesn’t remember anything but his name, until he intentionally stings himself from a broken part of one of the grievers.

Thomas and Teresa telepathy

The book has Thomas and Teresa able to communicate with each other telepathically. However in the movie they leave this bit out, which I can see why, because having them look over at each other or alone with voice over would be quite strange.

The maze mapping

The movie had a sculpture of the maze with numbers to indicate which part of the maze is what. In the book the maze is in different sections and drawn on paper, which changes the big reveal on how they get out of The Glade.

Gally and Alby’s attitude

Throughout the movie Gally has a strange attachment to The Glade, and there is no indication that he was stung by a griever before Thomas even entered The Glade, leaving him angry at Thomas for no apparent reason until the end. Also, Alby becomes a mentor to Thomas instead of being negative and aloof to Thomas’s questions like in the book.

The ending 

The whole ending is pretty much different. With WICKED already “dead” and Gally suddenly appearing to stop them from leaving The Glade.

There are other small things that are different from the book that they can’t help but change. The movie is packed with action and suspense, and does a great job with visual effects to make the book really come alive. Other than the differences, I loved seeing one oF my favorite books live in action.