Musical Mannequins Make Their Debut

The album cover for Femm-Isation.

Official FEMM website.

The album cover for Femm-Isation.

Abbey Brannock, Managing Editor

The keys to success for many music artists are pretty straightforward – talent, good looks, and a creative concept for the group. When it comes to the Far East Mention Mannequins, or FEMM, these girls have nailed all three.

FEMM is a Japanese pop/electronic group starring RiRi and LuLa, who are mannequins brought to life. Their goal is to achieve world domination through the music scene, winning the attention of listeners around the world with their English lyrics and confident attitude. Even if the concept of living mannequins seems strange for musicians, FEMM has made it work, turning the idea into a new way to connect with their fans who can also register with doll personas.

The duo started performing beginning of this year with multiple music videos uploaded, but their first album, “Femm-Isation” released October 1st. Each song has a unique style that conveys independence and confidence in women, and the album also features a few ballads that show off the girls’ singing talent.

Everything about FEMM is elaborate; the costumes in their music videos, the complicated yet so appealing sound of their music, and their incredible ability to move as if they really are living dolls makes them stand out from the crowd. The pair takes the iconic sound of modern pop music, blends it with an intricate electronic beats, and adds catchy lyrics to keep their music stuck in your head for hours.

FEMM is a duo that deserves to be on the radio constantly; it’s the ultimate party music that can get anybody moving. Fans will be getting whiplash dancing to the tracks on Femm-Isation, and I guarantee that by the end of 2015, everyone will know their name.