JK Rowling Haunts on Halloween


Colleen Rock, Staff Writer

Harry Potter fans, such as myself, are waiting eagerly for Halloween. On that day, by popular demand, Potter author JK Rowling is releasing a short story based on “first person thoughts” of the evil, kitten and pink obsessed, Dolores Umbridge.

Umbridge is introduced in the fifth installment of the series, Order of the Phoenix,  where she starts as a worker for the ministry but then slithers her way into Hogwarts. She switches from being the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor into a strict headmistress right after Dumbledore was told to leave because of the school being ‘out of control.’ As headmistress, Umbridge was severely disliked by most of the professors and students, because of her constant change of rules and her ignorance on Voldemort’s return.

Umbridge is compared to Voldemort because she left a everlasting scar on Harry, like the lightning strike scar he got that fateful night of his parents death. This similarity to the one-who-can’t-be-named, along with her easy-to-hate personality, makes her a perfect malevolent character to write a short about for Halloween.

The story will have about 1,700 words and will feature  new details on the backstory of Umbridge’s life, with thoughts and reflections about the character as well. It will be posted on Pottermore, for members only, Halloween Day.