The Woman in Black Returns

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Shuruq Daas, Staff Writer

Suicidal deaths, a revengeful ghost and a terrifying house was what made The Woman in Black score high in the box office. With the famous Daniel Radcliffe playing the protagonist Arthur Kipps, the movie takes us on the ride through Arthur’s pulse racing new home, “Eel Marsh House.’’ He was assigned to go to this deserted house to examine papers left by the deceased owner, with odd noises, doors opening by themselves and history behind these mysterious papers was what made the viewers fidget in their seats.

Arthur thought he finally ended the woman in black’s reign of terror, both he and the viewers were wrong! She has returned and will appear in the second new movie called The Woman In Black: Angel of Death. It takes place 40 years later in the same haunted house with a group of children who are trying to flee London during World War II.

The movie will come out January 2nd 2015; here is the trailer to get you started: