I Spy a New Pair of Eyes

Tameka Tiny Harris

Tameka ”Tiny” Harris

Shuruq Daas, Staff Writer

We are all born with our own eye color that frames us as a person. However, if one decides to go outside their zone and desire an exotic color like purple, then contacts will be used. But what if you wanted your eye color to be permanently purple? Now with a new procedure, doctors can make this happen.

This extreme procedure is called BrightOcular. Tameka ‘’Tiny’’ Harris, the wife of rapper T.I., was one of the first celebrities who underwent this surgery.

“They go into the eye and they make a little slit,” Harris explained of the procedure that uses a medical-grade silicone. “They take an implant and it’s folded up. They open it [and] spread it over your eye.’’

Tiny purchased the color ‘’ ice gray,” stating that this color suits her better and she is proud of this decision. American doctors are against this change in eye color and state that risks will occur such as glaucoma, cataract and corneal problems. This is why BrightOcular surgery is illegal in the United States and is only allowed in Africa, where Tiny went and had it done. It takes 5-10 minutes on each to slip in the new color of eyes and no pain is felt throughout the surgery.

Mixed reactions surfaced from social networks saying Tiny is desperately trying to be something she’s not.

”It’s a shame how these celebrities use their money on stupid things,” said one user.

Others say it is her body and she can do whatever she wants.

”She is trying so hard to be a white girl,” said one Instagram user. “Learn to be thankful with what God has blessed you with.”

Tiny had a different mindset of this procedure. According to her, she feels herself with these new set of eyes and recommends her fans to go through this surgery as well.

“I just wanted to do something different,” she said. “And I have the right to do that. It’s my body.”