Mockingjay Part One: A Must Watch

Courtesy of thedailybeast,com

Courtesy of thedailybeast,com

Shuruq Daas, Staff Writer

Continuing the excitement, action and brain fueling questions of, ”Is he going to die?” or ”Will they defeat the capitol?” was Mockingjay part 1.

It was full of power and courage that truly made me enjoy the movie. [ What hooked me onto this movie was the characters and their drive to save the district. Katniss impressed me majorly because she was the one to risk her life to save the other civilians’ lives. Also, the awesome soundtrack made me go home and download the songs. My all time favorite song was ”The Hanging Tree.” This was a lullaby sung by Katniss that become the theme song of Mockingjay. Every time I hear it, i envision the movie in my mind and the awesome graphics and action that took place.]

After Katniss Everdeen shot an arrow through the force field during Catching Fire, the districts deteriorated. It caused an electric shutdown in all districts and then everything started to crumble. The capitol took action and demolished the towns killing the people. Now in this movie, President Snow made a new rule, whoever supports, speaks of, or wears the Mockingjay symbol would be punished severely. What caused such a strong resentment towards the Mockingjay was Katniss, because she was appointed to represent the symbol, to support and lead a civil war, to tear down the capitol and to redeem freedom in all districts. The Mockingjay symbolized power, freedom, resilience and rebellion which all make up Katniss Everdeen.

As she, sets out to rescue the districts and Peeta, a series of unfortunate events follow that will leave you upset, irritated and at times, speechless. It is a movie that will keep you hooked and will leave you with several questions left to ask.

Part two comes out next year, so in the meantime, if you want to jump to the conclusion, you can read the books and see what happens to Katniss, Peeta, the districts and the capitol.