Viewing The Interview


Jacob Serrano, Staff Writer

Sony Pictures has delivered multiple films that has grabbed the attention of audiences, but The Interview is one film that can grab a whole world’s. With the controversial topic of “killing North Korea’s leader” in a comedic fashion, many would say the movie shouldn’t even be a draft. However,  The Interview is actually a hit that many can enjoy, especially with the controversial plot involved with it.

The mention of Seth Rogen and James Franco teaming up again may cause a mixed reception due to films such as Pineapple Express or This Is the End, which were either a hit or miss for many. The duo, however, managed to make another enjoyable performance. Franco plays a popular TV show host named Dave Skylark, who hosts “Skylark Tonight,” which is similar to “Conan” or “The Colbert Report,” but with a more dirtier humor factor and a raunchier style. Rogen plays Franco’s best friend and the producer of “Skylark Tonight.” Rogen’s character realizes that the show is more of an entertainment news than a news show and becomes ashamed of it, which leads Franco’s character to want to interview North Korea’s supreme leader. With the announcement of Franco’s character interview of Kim Jong-Un going out to the public, the FBI reach out the duo and bluntly ask them to take the North Korea’s leader down as quietly as possible.

There are laughs and giggles here and there, especially when watching with a group of friends, but the film does have its moments of repetitive or stale jokes. There is also an obnoxious amount of toilet humor, which becomes tiring after a while.

Along the way you get to see how satirical the film is, with the constant blows at Kim Jong-Un and the way he thinks and speaks of himself, and how he runs his country. Even with the chuckles it is a pretty bold move of Sony to not just have a movie dedicated to assassinating a dictator, but to also tease and make fun of him in every way possible.

Though with all the controversy over the movies release, such as North Korea hacking Sony’s database and releasing all their information and war threats, The Interview is nothing more than a movie that contains a satirical sense of humor with a bit more raunchiness than you expect. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s definitely a movie to see to have a good time.