Trivia Crack Takes Over the App Store

Trivia Crack Takes Over the App Store

Angelina Garcia, Staff Writer

Currently number one in the Apple App Store underneath top free and top paid, Trivia Crack has reached sudden and extensive popularity.

The mobile trivia game consists of spinning a wheel, landing on a category, and trying to collect all of the characters before your opponent. You can either play with your friends, or get paired with other players from around the globe.

The trivia questions in the game are all user-submitted and made it through the “Question Factory” where other users can vote on whether the question should be added into the game or not.

Different from the apps it surpassed in the App Store, including Instagram and Facebook Messenger, Trivia Crack isn’t a fast-paced game. Once you’ve had your turn, it’s a waiting game until your opponent answers a question incorrectly.

While many students are glued to their phones while playing this game that suits its name, others have yet to play an entire round on their own.

“It seems fun,” said Bonnie Praphatphong, junior. “But some of the questions aren’t that great.”

Not everyone can be a huge fan of the game, as some are already beginning to feel burnt out of it after only a relatively short amount of time.

“I’m kind of over it now,” said junior Mumtahinah Rashid. “It was addicting at first but it got boring after I won.”

This app is great for people who have collected random facts over the years. After all, it seems as though nearly everyone is playing it.