Super Bowl Will Be One Puppy Short


Angelina Garcia, Staff Writer

After sparking an outrage among animal advocates, the 2015 GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial won’t be airing on game day, as if the NFL needed more controversy.

The ad depicted a puppy trying to find its way back home, and when it finally does, the owners exclaimed how happy they were, only because they planned to sell the pup on a website they made with GoDaddy. Due to the ad’s early release, many people were talking about it, but the comments were far from positive.

A petition arose on that ended up collecting tens of thousands of signatures, all within a matter of hours. Apparently without realizing, the story told in the ad seemed to be carelessly promoting puppy mills and objectifying pets, all while attempting to mock and parallel the popular Budweiser commercial from last year’s Super Bowl which featured a puppy as well.

The controversy pressured GoDaddy into pulling the ad from the Super Bowl. Not to worry, though, because Buddy, the puppy from the commercial, has been adopted by one of GoDaddy’s longtime employees.