Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials


Ana Lara-Cruz, Staff Writer

For those who aren’t to crazy about football, the Super Bowl XLIX offered some entertaining commercials to pass the time. The commercials this year were comical, crazy, heartfelt, and inspiring.

Here’s are the top 10 commercials featured in Super Bowl XLIX

#1. Budweiser’s “Lost Dog”

In this commercial, a small adventurous puppy manages to get lost in a horse trailer. The puppy tries his best to find his way back home but then, runs into an wolf and is suddenly in great trouble. While running, the horses from the farm where the puppy lives come to the rescue the puppy and lead him back home to the farm.

#2. Toyota Camry- “How Great I Am”
In this commercial, Paralympain Amy Purdy triumphs to the iconic words of Muhammad Ali. Purdy is shown dancing, snowboarding, and modeling despite having no legs. Even though it was just a commercial, it truly was inspiring for those who are in her situation and even for those who aren’t.

#3.  Domestic Violence – “No more”
In this impacting PSA, a women calls 911 pretending to be ordering pizza. The operator on the phone is confused by why she is calling but then realizes that the threat is in room with her. As the commercial unfolds, you see powerful images such as the hole in the wall and the mess of books and picture frames scattered over the floor. The commercial overall was impacting and heartbreaking and a true masterpiece of PSA.

#4. T-Mobile Commercial – “#KimDataStash”
On a more comical note, Kim Kardashian stars in the T-Mobile commercial doing a faux public service announcement about her concern for phone data. She talks about the extra data you could be using to keep up with aspects of her life like: her outfits, her rear end, and her vacations. It was great to see Kim kardashian’s sense of humor and to see a commercial that wasn’t serious.

#5. Always- “#LikeAGirl”
This commercial shows the empowerment of young women, a far cry  from the traditional Super Bowl theme. The #LikeAGirl commercial starts out with a group of men and women acting out what it’s like to run, throw, fight “like a girl.” The responses differ in age among younger girls and ends with one question “what do you think it means to run like a girl?” and the young girl answers “it means to run as fast as you can.”

#6.Microsoft – Braylon O’Neill
This commercial follows the six year-old Braylon O’Neill, who was born missing the tibia and fibula bones in both of his legs. It shows the changes in Neill’s life with the help of Microsoft technology. A truly touching commercial delivered by Microsoft that shows how personal determination and technology can defy the odds.

#7. Nationwide – “Boys Can’t Grow”
This commercial was one of the less fuzzy and heartwarming commercial. It starts with a little boy talking about the things he will never do such as “learn to ride a bike” or “learn to fly” and then hits you why he can’t do these things. The reason he can’t is because “he died in a preventable accident,” a little much for a insurance commercial but still powerful.

#8. Coca-Cola commercial – “#MakeItHappy”
In this commercial, a teen is shown to be on internet looking at various verbal attacks through social media. While that is going on, a man in the technician room is drinking a coke and then accidentally spills over the drink all over the circuit boards and spills over the mainframe. Once the soda is spilled, the drink spreads uplifting and positive messages to all technology devices. Coca-Cola did its justice in the fight to try and spread positivity and inspire happiness.

#9.Doritos- “Middle Seat”
In this commercial, a man is on plane and is in the seat on the edge. While waiting for all the passengers to sit, he tries to make them all not sit next to him. Then he see’s a pretty blonde girl and pulls out a bag of doritos only to discover that the pretty girl is a mom. It’s short, but hilarious and won the one million dollar super bowl contest.

#10.Mcdonald’s – “Pay with Lovin'”
The commercial starts off with ordinary people going into Mcdonalds, ordering their meals. Then they are told the total and the employee tells them to do random acts of kindness such as, “say one thing you love about your son,” “call your mom and tell her you love her,” or “give a family member a hug.”  This will be going on from February 2nd to February 14, according to the statement made form Mcdonalds.