House of Cards Season 3

Alan McGonigle, Staff Writer

The third season of House of Cards released over the weekend for Netflix viewers only. The Golden Globe & Emmy nominated show has been quite a popular one amongst Netflix subscribers, getting over 373,000 tweets about the show this opening weekend.

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright come back as the Underwoods, a couple that have worked their way from the bottom of the food chain in Washington. Underwood starts as a member of the House of Representatives, moving to the Vice President and then from there, Underwood sets up a plan to get elected president Garrett Walker to resign from his position as the POTUS, only so he could become the President of the United States. Underwood achieves all of this through his manipulation and his ruthlessness. He will do absolutely anything to get to the presidency.

The 3rd season of the show was announced as early as February 4th, 2014. The show would have came out earlier but there were delays due to many issues regarding the location to shoot the show.

In the end, the show is more than just about politics, it shows the dark-side of Washington DC and how there is much more than meets the eye. It is an addiction to anyone who likes a scandalous type of show. It may not suit some viewers, but if you are looking for a nice binge-watching show, this show will suit you.