Who Really is Who is Fancy?

Who Really is Who is Fancy?

Shuruq Daas, Staff Writer

On February 25, 2015, hit song ”Goodbye,” by Who is Fancy was released. With its appealing lyrics and catchy chorus, it instantly became a fan favorite. However, instead of having that one music video for the song, three music videos were uploaded.

In the first video, a male with tattoos wearing a beanie enters a lot from the side of the road. The second video (with the same setting) a woman walks in but then gets stripped down into a male. And in the final video, a female is seen getting transformed into a new person.

Confusion arose and critics began commenting on who the singer is and why is there three different videos? It was said that this ”Who is Fancy,” wanted to show the people that appearance should not matter in the music industry. In the first video, the male had to conceal his tattoos and change his punk attire into pop attire. The second video shows that being a transgender is not suitable for a singer, so they strip the trans woman until she resembles a man. In the final video, the female undergoes a complete makeover. Not accepting her natural appearance, she had to put on a wig and a load full of makeup.

“Who Is Fancy is an artist that wants to celebrate the artistry and songwriting, while not focusing on whom he is at first, allowing the music to truly speak for itself,” said the label to which Who is Fancy is signed to.

Nothing as mysterious as this has happened in the music industry before. As powerful as this message trying to be portrayed is, people really want to know – Who is Fancy? Below are the three videos to the song.