Guitar Hero Live Gets a New Look

Colleen Rock, Staff Writer

There once was a time where everyone at home had a fake guitar with five different colored buttons on the neck of the ‘instruments.’ The last game Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock was released back in September 28, 2010, and it has been five years since it’s released. But now, this fall, there will be brand new game with whole new features and guitar.

Guitar Hero Live, is the new game that is coming out with a variety of new features. It starts fresh with first person instead of third person and is in a live first person looking onto a live crowd, instead of computer based characters, up onstage. The crowd still interacts, but with added detail: holding up signs with either “you suck,” or “you rock.” Even your band mates talk to you indicating whether or not you need to step it up a notch or jam out because of your awesome performance.

For the guitar itself, it is now “made for rockstars,” with 2×3 buttons to make it way easier than before to use. But if you’re an expert, the buttons are mirrored to play like chords, with six buttons instead of three. Other than the buttons on the fretboard, everything is the same with a big comeback. The guitar is not going to be compatible with any of the old games, but the game itself makes up for that.

Music on the game is going to be all new with bands everyone has heard of: Green Day, Pierce the Veil, Fall Out Boy, Ed Sheeran, The Black Keys, and Skrillex. They are going to continue to release the name of more bands that are going to be on the game, through updates by email and on their website.

Along with new looks, there is also another new feature called GHTV, where you can choose from a variety of music genres and videos, that is constantly going to be updated so players can play new songs all the time. Guitar Hero Live will also be on mobile, for the first time, so people without a console can play.

You can watch the reveal trailer on YouTube or on they website itself.