Join the Madness With Alice Madness Returns


Colleen Rock, Staff Writer

You know of the classic tale of Alice In Wonderland, but you may not have heard of American McGee’s version of it. This horror game is a sequel to American McGees Alice, that steps up a notch in graphics and gameplay. The game itself was released in 2011, but it is a game that is interesting all the same.

Alice Liddell, who is diagnosed with insanity, believes she is the cause of her parents death. Alice, even after being seen by Dr. Angus Bumby, her psychiatrist, still suffers from hallucinations about Wonderland. When Bumby sends Alice on an errand, she falls back into Wonderland, only to find it corrupted by the Infernal Train. With Wonderland in ruins, Alice is just the right person to save it.

Throughout the game you play in third person, figuring out puzzles, and defeating creatures only Wonderland would have. The characters you all know has different looks that give a more creepier vibe to the game. The Cheshire Cat, for example, instead of chubby and pink, is grey and skinny. Alice’s dress changes as well, according to the environment that she’s is in.

The weapons are unique from a Hobby Horse, Teapot Cannon, Pepper Grinder and more. For people who are fans of Alice in Wonderland and horror will like this spin on the story.

The game is compatible for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Microsoft Windows.