Beyonce on September Issue of Vogue

Courtesy of Vogue

Courtesy of Vogue

Marie Bobb, Staff Writer

Queen Bey has done it again. She looked absolutely stunning on the September issue of Vogue. One thing we all have to realize is there is only one Vogue September issue and only one Beyonce. So yes, this is a big deal.

On the cover, she rocked a gorgeous beige lace dress, a wet bob hairstyle, and intriguing natural makeup. The makeup in this shoot is so beautiful because it looks so natural but you know it’s there. Her other photos were just as flawless. She wore a black low cut dress and in another she wore black lace that looked great. The dress fit her body perfectly and it wasn’t too much at all.

If you’re not into Vogue, you’re probably wondering why the September issue is so important. This specific issue is so important because not only for Vogue but for all fashion magazines because this is the month where they get the most sales and have the most pages.

Getting to be the cover of any magazine during this month, especially Vogue, is definitely an honor to anyone. Many people view the September issue of Vogue because without a doubt Fall style is extremely important in the fashion world. September is the introduction of Fall and it is Vogue’s duty to inform readers about all the latest fashions. Since Fall fashion is so important, getting a copy of the September issue of the Vogue magazine is essential.

Many of the September issues this year have featured Black women including Serena Williams, Ciara, Kerry Washington and the Queen, Beyonce. Out of all the many accomplishments that Beyonce has had this is definitely one that will go down in history.