What to Know About AfroPunk 2015


Marie Bobb, Staff Writer

Afro Punk is an annual art and music festival held in multiple locations including Atlanta, Georgia, Brooklyn, New York, and Paris. This event is held for multiple days with different performers for each day. Performers this year included SZA, Lauryn Hill, Grace Jones and many more.

This festival has been described as “the most multicultural festival in the U.S.” by New York Times. The AfroPunk music festival was founded in 2002 and the purpose of the festivals are to bring black people together that enjoy punk and/or alternative music. This festival also included various protests, including one about supporting LGBT rights, but with a focus on finding justice for those who are transgender.

Beyond the music, Afropunk is known for its fashion. Men and women represented their roots by rocking traditional African clothing, braids, and many other styles.

The fashion this year at AfroPunk was filled color, hairstyles, accessories, and of course entire outfits that were all outstandingly intriguing. Thousands of pictures were taken, most of which are floating around Tumblr and Twitter

Here are some of the styles seen at AfroPunk: