Stay Alive In the Playstation Exclusive Until Dawn


Colleen Rock, Staff Writer

For lovers of the classic horror genre, Until Dawn has the elements that fit popular horror movies. You know, the ones where you know the character’s next moves, and who will die first. But when it comes to this game, it’s entirely interactive. Every move you make counts.

Released August 25th, exclusively for Playstation 4, Until Dawn is part of a new generation of video games. Played by real actors, this feature gives a whole new style and look to the game.

Until Dawn is based on the butterfly effect, when every small action leads to a much larger one later on. In the game, players make decisions based on two options which could either make or break the game’s characters. The goal is for players to try and find all of the clues and totems, and keep all eight characters alive.

The game takes place on Blackwood Mountain Ski Lodge, which has a sanitarium nearby. The mountain is filled with secrets that are left to be uncovered throughout the game. The eight friends are at the lodge in memory of the character Josh’s sisters who died a year before, which is the first event that players go through.

Filled to the brim with jump scares and some gore, players will find themselves spooked by the cliché. The gameplay is smooth, with varying camera angles. This horror game has an addictive plot, which is entirely dependent on every move you make.