How to Get Away with Murder Is Back

Karen Garcia and Gillian Corallo

Spoiler alert: Court is back in session.

Season 2 of the popular show How to Get Away with Murder premiered last night, once again proving that Shondaland is no place for jokes. Last season, fans were left speechless at the reveal of Lila’s true murderer and the reveal of Rebecca’s unexpected death. The cliffhanger finale episode made viewers anxious to find out what happens next.

In a show where nothing is ever as it seems, you must always expect the unexpected. From Oliver testing positive for HIV, to Frank’s part in Lila’s death, viewers are constantly left at the edge of their seat.

In the shocking premiere, Rebecca’s killer was revealed and a surprise visitor comes to Annalise. As if the entire story-line wasn’t already confusing enough, the visitor turns out to be Annalise’s ex-girlfriend whom is now representing Annalise’s lover, Nate. The latter is being accused of killing Annalise’s husband- something Annalise herself framed him for in order to protect her husband’s true killer.

Fans have been skeptical about Bonnie in the past, and last night proved their suspicions to be validated. Bonnie was revealed as Rebecca’s killer, having suffocated her with a plastic bag and hiding her in Annalise’s basement.

After realizing Bonnie’s unnecessary actions and Rebecca’s innocence, Annalise confronts Bonnie and states that she is disappointed in her.

In the last few minutes of the show, the main characters were seen at a night club, in an attempt to forget about their problems for one night The scene cuts to two months later, where Wes is seen running through the trees outside of a house. Inside, Annalise is seen on the floor, covered in blood as she is gasping for air.

In true How to Get Away with Murder style, the cliffhanger left fans on the edge of their seats, with an abundance of questions.

Why was Wes running away? Who hurt Annalise? What will happen to Oliver? Only time will tell.