Grease is the Word

Casey McDuffie, Staff Writer

NBC started a trend of live musicals on their channel starting with, “The Sound of Music” and “WIZ.”  Now, FOX News is starting to get into the trend, and released “Grease: Live!” on January 31st.

The live production was led by Julianne Hough as Sandy, Aaron Tveit as Danny, and Vanessa Hudgens as Rizzo. There were also multiple singers and bands like Jesse J, Boys 2 Men and DNCE.

Viewers also saw some other familiar faces like Carly Rae Jepsen, Keke Palmer, Carlos PenaVega, Didi Conn (a.k.a. the original Frenchy), Mario Lopez, Jordan Fisher and Joe Jonas.

Ever since I watched the movie for the first time over the summer, I’ve been obsessed. When I found out they were going to have a remake coming out, I was so excited. The whole night my stepdad was saying, “Julianne Hough sounds just like Olivia Newton-John, if I didn’t know it was Hough, I would’ve said it was Newton-John.”

“The upside of the live audience was that it clearly energized the cast to hear applause;” said “It’s not easy to bridge the gap between live television and Broadway, but Kail’s staging generally blended the two modes effectively.”

The original will always be the best and that is true for every movie. This show being live was spectacular, from the singing, dancing, cast, to the sets and costumes.

Even though they had a special guest named El Niño, it was still a great night for everyone involved. While the production was going on, they had people taking over their Snapchat to let viewers in on what was going on, how excited they were and what was happening behind the scenes.

Everyone sounded so good during the performance. I knew Hough could dance very well, but I didn’t know she could sing so well. I love that she was Sandy, because she fits the character Sandy so well.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show; it will never be the original, but they did a fantastic job producing this. It just wasn’t exclusively positive. This was also a time for sadness for one of the actresses.

Vanessa Hudgens lost her father on the January 30th due to stage four cancer, which he had been battling since August of 2015. Even though it was a hard day, she played the part of Rizzo so well. She sang, danced and acted her way to the end. She also dedicated this performance to her father. I commend her for being so strong in a time like this.