The World Will Never Be The Same


Image Courtesy Of The Official Batman Vs. Superman Website

Sergio Lopez, Staff Writer

This spring break, many people are looking forward to seeing Batman V. Superman, which will be released Friday, March 25th.

Batman V. Superman will be the ultimate fight between two legendary heroes. A fight that has been illustrated on comics for years will finally come to life. There has been plenty of speculation surrounding how that fight may end, but for a fact, comic book fans around the world will be on the edge of their seats.

The very first time the Man of Steel met up with the Dark Knight was late in their comic careers in Superman #76, 1952. Both heroes were on a cruise ship that was about to fall apart and they had to save people. Of course, there had to be a damsel in distress, and the one in question was none other than Lois Lane.

They quickly found out each other identities and decided to fight crime together. Years to follow creators have made conflicts between the two heroes but it wasn’t till 2007 in a two-part episode that the two heroins had a reason to fight. Lex Luther used Poison Ivy’s mind control pollen mixed with kryptonite to control him to destroy the world.

With the lunch of a DC re-vamp called the New 52 it gave the two heroes the chance to meet again in Justice League #1.

In 2013, Batman is reintroduced as Ben Affleck, and makes a brief but noted cameo in Man of Steel.