The Walking Dead Finale Ruined Me

Karen Garcia, Staff Writer

If college stress doesn’t kill me, The Walking Dead will.

Fans who have been around since the beginning know all too well that The Walking Dead is no ordinary show. Ordinary shows do not cause viewers dangerous stress levels, mild to severe heart palpitations, and countless hours of internal screaming.

Last night, AMC aired the season finale of the frightening yet amazing TV show.

If you don’t like spoilers, this may be the time to stop reading and go watch the episode.

Recently, viewers where introduced to many new characters, such as the infamous Negan and his spine-chilling torture bat, which is definitely banned from baseball games. Negan has ruined our lives ever since.

Unsurprisingly, the writers seem to find joy in the pain of others, and are continuing to mess with fan-favorite characters.

First, Carl lost his eye after Rick’s new love was killed, which somehow lead to #richonne becoming a reality. Then Daryl lost his crossbow and was captured along with other survivors. Carol is all over the place and last night, Morgan found a horse and a sign stating “you are alive.”

One of the most stressful things throughout the episode was the mystery person with a plastic bag over their head.

After a long and dangerous rv drive, Rick and the gang encounter a giant line of chained up walkers, some of which contain Daryl’s arrows and Michonne’s hair. They are then faced with a large group of Saviors, who had  lured them down the road.

While escaping from Morgan, Carol is fighting some walkers in the woods while still bleeding from her abdomen wound. She is ambushed by a Savior, who shoots her in the arm.

Carol wants to die and does nothing to stop the Savior from shooting her, although she is saved by Morgan and two others.

After multiple complications, the group abandons the rv and carries the sick Maggie on a stretcher. They are caught in the woods by the Saviors and are forced to surrender.

Daryl, Michonne, Rosita, and Glenn are brought out, visibly injured, and are lined up with their friends. Negan comes out and begins to threaten them. In the very last seconds, Negan swings his barbed-wire bat at one of the survivors as the others scream.

It’s safe to say that this season finale was one of the most stressful, leaving everyone to wonder who Negan killed. Many fans on Twitter were displeased, stating it was one of the worst ways to end a season.

This cliffhanger ending has already driven me into a downward spiral and has caused me to make a “Daryl is alive” pin. Once again, my life has been ruined by a tv show.

Next season’s premiere episode better have a decent start or else I will riot like there’s no tomorrow. Hopefully, they reveal that it was actually Nicholas who fell onto Negan’s bat.