Too Good to be “Faking It”


Bonnie Praphatphong , Staff Writer

Teen Choice Awards’ winner for breakout show, “Faking It,” entered its third season. The half-hour scripted comedy premiered the same day as the highly acclaimed show, “Awkward.” This show takes a unconventional look at LGBTI youth in high school. It’s unfortunate that the norm would be that these characters would be bullied and attacked. At Hester High School things are different, very different (in a good way).

If Austin, Texas was the destination for the LGBTI community in a state of red and republican, then Hester High would be the capital raising the rainbow flag high and proud. Shane Harvey (Michael J. Willett), openly gay and super popular, gets the impression that life-long best friends Karma Ashcroft (Katie Stevens) and Amy Raudenfeld (Rita Volk) are a lesbian couple.

To be the first openly lesbian couple at this school would be like if you were Beyonce and Jay-Z. Karma figures out that the way into the “in-crowd” is to use her loyal sidekick, Amy and start “Faking It.” They both start to pretend to be gay, but over the seasons Amy realizes that she is gay.

In Season 1-2, Amy and Karma friendship is put to the test when they both start dating. Karma relationship with Liam Booker (Gregg Sulkin), starts hot and ends cold in Season 2. The reason why plagues the BFF relationship in the season.

This season the girls are not pretending and at least one of the girls is living as their truth self (hint: it is Amy). Spending a summer apart left Amy as a confident girl with a cute-rocker girlfriend, but Karma turned into a ” I found inner-peace, and I am a free sprit” girl.

This season plans to make amends between the girls. Along the way things get complicated, as nothing in Austin is a straight-shoot. Amy’s mom and step-sister Lauren Cooper’s (Bailey De Young) dad are divorcing, Karma’s ex found out he is jewish, and Shane and Karma are close friends.

Tune into “Faking It” on MTV, it airs on Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c.