Book Review: The Mortal Instruments Series

Jessa Lopez, Staff Writer

The City of Bones (2007) by Cassandra Clare is part of the series The Mortal Instruments. This bestseller begins with Clary Fray, an ordinary girl who embarks on a hellish  journey to find her mother who disappeared from their wrecked apartment.

The City of Bones introduced me to a whole new adventure of seeing the world without fear and finding my true self in spite of the challenges we face. The build up of the story was a bit slow but the wait was all worth it. I highly recommend this romantic yet thrilling novel to everyone out there!

Here are the following book series that follow the City of Bones:

City Of Ashes: If you read the City Of Bones and find yourself high-fiving someone with a chair, you might want to take back that chair because it only gets worse. This book is fast-paced and while Clary gets unlucky in love, Alec, the closeted Shadowhunter finds his true calling with a Downworlder.

City Of Glass: If you manage to get this far, you will be rewarded by some hot scenes between my two beloved characters. However, there is a war brewing between the Shadowhunters and an army led by the lunatic, Valentine Morgenstern. Will the Downworlders and Shadowhunters put their differences aside in order to win against the dark forces? Or will they put their differences first and jeopardize everyone’s lives? And who is Clary’s new mysterious friend, Sebastian Verlac? Keep reading and find out!

City Of Fallen Angels: The war has ended and the Shadowhunters-Downworlders alliance has won. Clary’s newfound “friend” Sebastian is closer to her than she could ever imagine. The relationship between Clary and Jace is finally how it should be. Now, you might think that everything is back to normal and no more crazy roller coasters of emotions. But, it is far from normal.

Hold your horses and keep that seat belt of sanity on because it’s going to be another wild ride. There is someone murdering Shadowhunters and this creates yet new tension between the peaceful Clave and befuddled Downworlders. What will Clary do if Jace suddenly drifts away from her and the only way to find out why comes with the possibility of losing everyone she loves?

City of Lost Souls: Personally, this is probably the most heart-wrenching out of all the TMI series. One of the major couples break up and someone that is supposedly dead came back to life! Jace disappears and he is not the same Jace he was before.

Only Magnus, Alec, Isabelle and Simon can save Jace now, as they summon a mischievous demon, bargain with the direful Seelie Queen and even summon an Angel to sever the bond between the Angel and Demon. Will they succeed or will they lose Jace forever?

City Of Heavenly Fire: This last book is filled with a strong friendship and unbreakable bond between friends. Yes, I cried while reading this and so will you. Jace, Clary and the others finally finds a way to defeat the sinister and immortal Sebastian.

When the Downworlder representatives disappear after a dinner invitation from the Seelie Court, Clary, Jace, Simon, Alec and Isabelle travel into an ancient passage towards Eden to find and hopefully rescue them alive. But there’s a catch, there is no way out. It is a one-way road only and they will either come out alive or get eaten by flying demons and their own hidden desires.