John Travolta Seeks Vengeance in ‘I Am Wrath’

Viri Reyes, Staff Writer

How far would you go for a loved one? Would you risk your life, and your families? In the action packed thriller I am Wrath, John Travolta takes the leading role of Stanley, a man looking for vengeance. He spends the first scenes of the movie with his wife, Vivian (Rebbeca De Mornay) who gets murdered in front of his very eyes. He doubts the capabilities of the police, and takes matters into his own hands. Conveniently, he is an engineer with a hidden past that helps him along the way.

One of the best concepts of this film, was Stanley’s best friend Dennis (Christopher Meloni.) Meloni easily made this movie for me, he had the best fighting scenes, and he added better dialogue to Travolta’s dull character. He was funny, and unpredictable, unlike Stanley. As far as Travolta goes, he did a decent job as playing someone who was grieving, but I personally think that the role of Stanley could have been given to someone with more experience in action movies like this one. Maybe then we could’ve seen more emotion out of Stanley. All the movie consisted of was fighting scenes, minimal comedic scenes between the two best friends, and the rest dragged on until the murderer was revealed.

Another thing I found with this movie was that it felt too similar to the trilogies Taken, starring Liam Neeson. It made me conclude that I am Wrath is just a mix of everything that we’ve already seen from vengeance movies. There’s nothing really unique or spontaneous about it.

If you’re into movies that revolve around murder cases and action, you might be a fan of this film. The film is still a good movie to pass the time with. It might be repetitive in content from time to time, but the end has a great plot twist that I did not see coming.