“Pitch” Striking Premiere

Matthew Leto, Sports Editor

The baseball drama “Pitch”, starring Kylie Bunbury as the first woman ever to play in one of the North American four pro sports leagues.

The story of an underdog pitcher, isn’t afraid to lean into the emotion of its genre, or to embrace the romantic feelings that sports have often produced.

The idea of Ginny (Kylie Bunbury), a female pitcher signed by the San Diego Padres, is not completely far-fetched. There is no reason why a woman wouldn’t be able to hold her own in the entirely male institution of baseball or any pro sport for that matter.

Ginny is a delightfully flinty and occasionally nervy champ to root for, and she helps the opening premiere overcome some of its biggest questions in terms of how long the series could last.

Pitch is a show I highly recommend for everyone. As a society in which we are always progressing, “Pitch” represents hope for women to eventually break the barrier of professional sports.