Book Review: Denton Little’s Deathdate

Jessa Lopez, Staff Writer

Denton Little’s Deathdate by Lance Rubin is about a 17-year-old high schooler who is one day away from his deathdate. He knew he was going to die since he was born. His last day here on Earth consists of a wonderful hangover, love triangles, crazy old policeman, jealous exes, and mysterious rashes. This humurous and adventurous book reveals how a soon to be dead young man thinks, and it was far from calm. Denton takes his chances in spending time with his family, mending his love relationship, and strengthening his friendship. It was a day where Denton needed to make the most important decisions in his life and think and act on them faster.

This book takes place at a time similar to ours, but almost everyone in the world knows when they will die- thanks to the works of scientists and staticians. Denton and his best friend Paulo will die during their teens; their deathdate only twenty-six days apart. They like to believe that they will meet each other afterward. As Denton’s deathdate comes closer, he decided to die as he was and have a normal day with no risky adventures like others do.

However, everything was far from normal when he started to ask questions about his biological mother. Will he find answers to his questions or will he die without answers? Read and find out!

This book was intriguing and unique from all the books I have read. It made think about how I live my life and what it feel like to know when you are going to die. Honestly, when I first read the title, I thought it was an actual date. Reading further into this, it made me see the sadness of one’s impending death. It was definitely weird to celebrate it like Denton did, but at the same time it was sweet because it gives you time to be with the people you love for the last time. I had a good laugh while reading this and it was definitely worth the back pain I experienced while reading this.

I highly recommend this book to those who wanted something new and different in their book list. This will not disappoint you or waste your time.