Ouija: Origin of Evil Movie Review


Israel Taylor, Entertainment Editor

The first installment of Ouija wildly disappointed viewers, and this time around it had the same effect.

The movie centered around a widowed mother of two played by Elizabeth Reaser who happens to have a daughter played by Lulu Wilson who has a talent for talking to spirits. I personally would have rather talk to spirits than watch this movie.

The set is in Los Angeles, California, during 1965. Ouija boards are all the craze and of course, despite all warnings of what could happen after purchasing a Ouija board, the mother carelessly buys one. The story is very cliche in how the development of a haunted house of spirits startles a family. The only thing that wasn’t overly cheesy and unexpected would be when the eldest daughter exclaimed how stupid it is to split up when put in such a scary situation.

The acting was somewhat believable. Lulu Wilson, the youngest cast member, gives the most believable and impressive performance, which says a lot since she is the most inexperienced of the cast.

The special effects only shined when depicting the spirit which lives in the home and the possession of the youngest daughter. It showed a chilling dark figure with piercing yellow eyes.

Overall, this movie should be categorized as a satirical comedy rather than a horror flick.