Movie Review: Amber Alert


Nick Swiatkowski, Staff Writer

If you’ve spent too much time on Netflix binge watching shows and can’t find anything new, the movie Amber Alert might be something to interest you.

Amber Alert an elementary school bus driver who is sick with a rare form of cancer that doesn’t respond to chemo therapy. Her son, Calum, who has mental issues but is extremely smart also works at the same bus company. The insurance company rejected his mother’s claim with the cancer and now the family owes a lot of money in hospital payments. Calum decides to take a school bus full of elementary school children hostage for ransom.

Amber is a detective and hostage negotiator for her local police force. She had recently split from her husband and divorcing. She has a lot to deal with on her plate including her ex, her ex’s new girlfriend, her son, and the swat team leader who always decides to buttheads with her on every decision. The Chief of Police is also her father in law.

The movie takes place in an abandoned warehouse that Calum rigged with traps. Amber focuses on talking him down through the movie while Calum threatens to kill a child if he doesn’t get his money. It’s a tense movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat, or bed in the case of watching Netflix. Give it a watch if you have nothing too important to do.