Book Review: The Court of Thorns and Roses


Jessa Lopez, Staff Writer

The Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas is a fictional novel that revolves around Feyre, a beautiful young maiden who strive to keep her family alive.While in search of food for her family, Feyre killed Andras- a faerie sent by the High King of  Spring Land, Tamlin in the mortal realm. She peeled the skin off the wolf and sell what’s left of the doe to a mercenary.One night, a mystical creature bursts in their cottage and asked who killed the wolf. Feyre confessed and the beast demand “a life for a life.” Living in the Faerie land was a paradisiacal experience except for the horrifying monsters that lurks the land because of the land’s weakening magic and the evil ruler wanting all the powers in all lands. The ruler also want the High King of the Spring Court, whom a beautiful beast, his face covered by a cursed golden mask.

This fictional novel is filled with romance, mysteries and magical creatures that are far from pleasant. Feyre hated the Faes because of the bone-chilling and cruel stories she have been told. She refuses to eat when she first got into the Faeire land even setting a trap into her room in case they decided to kill her. As time pass by, her hatred for the Faes and Tamlin developed into a burning passion of love and lust. And with a curious mind and adventurous feet, Feyre search for answers to save the dying realm and Tamlin, only finding herself in a tangled mess of power, revenge and love.

This book is a marvelous piece of writing making it unique on its own. It has a very intriguing beginning and great imageries that gives life from its magical world to its distinct characters. Readers will love Feyre’s bravery and courage as well as her undeterred determination in everything she does. Also, Tamlin is a mysterious character mainly because of the masquerade mask that covers his face. He gives a mysterious light to the darkest moments in the book and his stern expression is simply enchanting. The other characters as well are very different from one another that makes it hard to hate them no matter what they say or do. Personally, my favorite character here is the most cunning and dark figure in all the lands, Rhysand, High King of Night Court. He gives off a charming vibe even though he has a dark persona. This book definitely reached my favorite list and I can’t wait to read more.