Michael Jackson Reincarnated: Starboy Album Review


Israel Taylor, Entertainment Editor

On Black Friday, The Weeknd released his long awaited fourth studio album titled Starboy. In other words, Abel Tesfay ‘shook’ fans the whole weekend, giving us a lot to be thankful for and definitely a lot of songs to cry to.

The album features two Daft Punk collaborations that offer a contrast of upbeat and somber tones. There is also an interlude featuring Lana Del Rey in  “Stargirl“. Lana and Abel are very familiar with each other when it comes to collaborations due to their last song Prisoneron his last album, Beauty Behind the Madness.

Abel also collaborated with rap power houses Kendrick Lamar on “Sidewalks” and Future on “All I Know,” providing an energy that makes the album raw and explicitly real to Abel. This is a side of Abel that fans are not used to, but is not far off from the colder composition of his previous work.

Though Abel is unable to bust out into a smooth moonwalk, The Weeknd’s sound seems to be steadily changing towards a more Michael Jackson-esc vibe due to it’s heavy R&B and Pop influences. This perfectly mixes into a catchy beat swaying the ears of this generation’s youth to sounds similar to the legend that is MJ.