Rolling Stones Release “Blue and Lonesome” Album


Photo courtesy of The Rolling Stones

Kyle Swaters, Staff Writer

The Rolling Stones released their new studio album Blue and Lonesome on December 2nd, which is their first studio LP in more than a decade. It is the band’s first all blues album and features a track list made up entirely of classic blues hits that pay homage to the original bluesmen.

The down to earth, gritty, and raw sound of blues is really something special and creates a powerful aural experience for the listener. The realistic topics in the blues and the aggressive, yet laid back guitar playing are all too present on Blue and Lonesome.

I personally think The Rolling Stones hit the nail on the head with their first all blues album. It is nice to hear them step away from the classic pop/rock genre and dive into a style that appeals more to the songwriting and musician crowd. The unpolished, yet sweet sound on tracks like “Just Your Fool” and “Ride ‘Em On Down” leave the listener wanting the band to go through just one more chorus. The album also features the king of the blues himself, legendary guitarist Eric Clapton. Clapton’s work on the track “Everybody Knows About My Good Thing” is exquisite.

Blue and Lonesome proves that all musicians are just music fans at heart. The Rolling Stones paying tribute to some of their blues heroes that inspired them is very refreshing and exciting to hear.

The Stones have been putting out music since 1964, which makes their run in Rock N’ Roll more than 50 years. They never fail to add diversity to their catalog of hits that seem to perpetuate the genre itself.