Ryan Ashely: First Female Ink Master


Courtesy of Ink Master’s Instagram.

Savannah Devericks, Staff Writer

Ryan Ashley is the first woman to win Ink Master in its eight seasons. She stole the show with her twenty four hour, 90s new school color tattoo with thick black lines of big dueling hot rods. This style is the complete opposite of what Ryan traditionally likes to do which black and grey tattoos with thin lines. By doing a tattoo out of her comfort zone, Ryan proved herself worthy of the tittle Ink Master

Ryan Ashely won herself a spot at Judge Oliver Peck’s tattoo shop Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas, Texas, $100,000, a feature in Inked magazine, a Dodge Charger, and the title of Ink Master.

This season of Ink Master a female was bound to win. The females in this show had a very strong presence this season. Ryan Ashley, Kelly Dotty, Nikki Simpson and, Gia Rose made an alliance across team and were a force to be reckoned with. One by one the females picked the males off the show. Unfortunately, Nikki and Gia were eliminated before they could make it to the finals, but Ryan and Kelly stood strong.