Book Review: Before I Go To Sleep

Book Review: Before I Go To Sleep

Dulce Paz, Staff Writer

If you like psychological thrillers that keep you guessing, this is the book for you. “Before I Go to Sleep” by S.J. Watson delivers a spectacular reading that keeps the audience on edge.

The plot of the book revolves around the life of Christine, a woman who has been involved in an accident that prevents her from making new memories. She wakes up everyday with no recollection of what has happened and must rely on her journal and her husband, Ben. She wakes up and must relive her life as if she was just living for the first time, and has to reconstruct her life everyday. She also has help from her therapist, Dr. Nasch who helps her piece her life together behind her husband’s back. She quickly learns that she can’t trust anyone but herself, not even Ben, who is her guardian. Christine is alone most of the time but she receives visits from Dr. Nasch and everyday gets closer and closer to solving the mystery of her life and what happened to her since the accident that

The best part about this book is that every page leaves the reader wanting more, with a new twist to Christine’s life that adds suspense to the story. When the truth is uncovered, it leads to a chilling climax and unexpected ending.

What I liked best about this book is that it keep the reader engaged and on edge because they are unsolving Christine’s life with her. The reader gets to experience Christine’s struggles with her. Overall, I recommend this book to anyone that wants to read something different and likes suspenseful books with plot twists.