John Mayer Releases “The Search For Everything”


Courtesy of John Mayer

Kyle Swaters, Staff Writer

After more than three years without the release of new music (with the exception of the “Love On the Weekend” single released in November), John Mayer has finally released the first part of his new EP. The album, entitled The Search For Everything will be released four songs a month, starting with January, all the way until the album is released in full. This is a clever way to keep the excitement and demand for his music fresh in an age where music is practically disposable.

Releasing a few songs at a time will keep fans eager to hear what the next chapter of the album has to offer. Prior to the new songs being released late last night, Mayer tweeted “My heart’s racing. These songs represent literally hundreds of hours of living inside of these little worlds. And more to come.” The tracks, which bear the names “Moving On and Getting Over,” “Changing,” “Love on the Weekend,” and “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me” are soul-filled tunes that Mayer and his fans should be proud to listen to and call their own.

“Moving on and Getting Over” is not the archetypal Mayer track. It has this almost hip-hop sort of groove over a melody and vocal line that would fit right in with his other pop music. It is an interesting combination that vacates the early Mayer radio music style as well as the acoustic-driven folk incarnation of him. I’ve never heard a smoother, more soulful track with that kind of rhythm from Mayer. The technical complexity of this tune is evident in the layered vocal work and guitar solos. The guitar playing, as expected, is pristine. True fans will not be disappointed in this song, if they keep their minds open to new styles and accept the diverse musician Mayer continually proves to be.

“Changing” is a song that I am still wrapping my head around. It is an eerily catchy song for its simplicity. What makes this song so special has to be the lyrics. The topic of changing and adjusting in life is something that all people can connect to. This song hits you straight in the heart, and brings out emotions not normally associated with Mayer’s pop and blues catalog. This has to be my favorite one of the four.

The Search For Everything is proof that a musician and artists as talented as Mayer can change up styles dramatically and still retain a signature sound and vibe. While some fans will not appreciate the new step for Mayer, true fans will embrace these tracks and and what is next to come.