Will Pregnant Beyoncé Still Perform?


Courtesy of Beyonce.com

Israel Taylor, Entertainment Editor

On February 1st, the first day of black history month, Beyoncé announced she’s pregnant…with twins. She certainly made history getting the most likes on Instagram with the release of a photo from her maternity shoot.


After releasing her full maternity shoot a day later (Feb. 2nd), social media and the world was set on fire. You would think she was the first woman to get pregnant and it’s slowly becoming more convincing. Not only did she release a maternity shoot filled with vibrant flowers, underwater shots, with an aesthetic alluding to the Sandro Botticelli painting, The Birth of Venus, she released a poem titled I Have Three Hearts  along with the photos.

After the excitement over there being a possible Destiny’s Child 2.0 simmered down, concerns over her headlining Coachella and an upcoming Grammy performance began to spring up like the roses surrounding Mrs. Carter.

According to her father, who was interviewed for The U.S. Daily Mail, Mathew Knowles confirmed Beyoncé was still set to perform at the Grammy’s. Entertainment Tonight also confirmed seeing her attending rehearsals February 2nd. Her father also said he was left completely in the dark about the pregnancy, and was in shock when the news broke.  The Insider reports that the jury is still out over her headlining Coachella. The producers are said to have had no knowledge of Beyoncé’s pregnancy according to TMZ.

In case you haven’t seen the ethereal photos, here are a few memorable shots.