Review: The OA


Randi Goldman

Photo illustrated by Jessa Lopez.

Randi Goldman, Staff Writer

Like a normal teenager, I tend to get bored very often. Typically, my boredom ends with me trying to find something decent to watch on Netflix. Fortunately, this method of finding a way to be entertained worked this time.

The only reason I decided to watch “The OA” is honestly because the photo of a night sky appealed to my aesthetic. However, I was still hesitant about the show because it was created by Netflix and sometimes what they produce could be much better. Netflix released eight episodes in December.

The show starts out with a mystery that later unravels itself; a woman named Prairie Johnson, or “The OA” goes missing. It has something to do with an event that happened while she was a child. You may be thinking that you know the whole plot, but I promise that it’s not what you’re thinking.

The story continues and, ‘The OA’, creates a group of very diverse people to help her with her “journey.” This group of unique individuals ends up more united than most people would expect. Throughout the show, it becomes easier to start liking characters that you did not like when they first came into the storyline.

At the end of the show, one plot twist threatens to break the group apart and “The OA” has basically destroyed her own reputation. However, there are more plot twists that end up leading to many people being saved, and the group that was formed for a different purpose re-uniting.

Twisted scientists, other dimensions, and magic movements feed the suspense and plot twists that seem to happen very often throughout the show. This show is definitely a must-watch, and I promise you will be shocked by multiple scenes, and hopefully you will end up loving the show as much as I do.