A Psychological Thriller: We’ll Never be Apart

Viri Reyes, Staff Writer

We’ll Never be Apart by Emiko Jean tells the story of two twins, Cellie and Alice. They share a sad life of moving from foster home to foster home, and were always linked at the hip. Cellie is the twin with extremely reckless behavior who has a strange attraction to fire, and burns everything up with matches to get a sort of satisfaction. Alice is the other twin, who all her life has been trying to get away from Cellie because of how much damage she has caused for Alice, including watching her own twin kill her boyfriend, Jason.

Cellie and Alice are both committed to a mental hospital. Cellie is committed because she purposely started the fire that killed Jason, and Alice is placed in a different ward of the mental hospital because of the trauma she experienced growing up.

As Alice spends her days in her ward with nothing to do, she is left with only the haunting memories of fires and her boyfriend. That’s when she comes up with a plan to get revenge on her twin. She wants to make Cellie feel exactly how she felt when her boyfriend was murdered. During the nights at the mental hospital, with the help of a friend, Alice sneaks her way to Ward D, waiting for the perfect moment to kill her twin.

In this twisted and psychological thriller, you get to see how the truth of the whole situation unravels, and trust me when I tell you, this book has the biggest plot twist ever. I can’t say anything else because any detail will spoil the ending.

I finished this book in two days, and throughout those days all I could think about was how betrayed and anxious I felt. As you flip through the pages of this book your suspension builds. Everything I thought about when it came to the characters changed, and I left feeling kind of creeped out by it all. That’s something I never really felt from a book, and it’s definitely what made this book so memorable.

I think you’d enjoy this book if you’re interested in psychological thrillers. I get that not everyone reads books like this one- I usually never do. Books that are considered unsettling are books that I avoid at all costs, but I’m glad I didn’t ignore this book. Having read this book in just two days is enough for me to recommend it to everyone. If you choose to pick up this book, beware, it might make you have nightmares and could potentially have you contemplating everything you’ve ever known.