More Than Just a Love Story

More Than Just a Love Story

Haley Hinkofer, Staff Writer

I first discovered Just Friends by Billy Taylor through social media, since everyone was talking about it and posting excerpts online. The parts of the book that I saw and read, I fell in love with and knew I had to get the actual book ASAP. Once I began reading the book, I couldn’t put it down because it was so intriguing and each chapter left me wanting more.

Just Friends isn’t your typical sappy teen romance; it’s so much more than that. The book is about a girl named August and a boy named Ethan who have been best friends for 19 years. They have grown up together and have always been by each other’s sides, especially when Ethan would use August in one of his magic tricks. One night, August, Ethan, and a friend of theirs got into a car accident and an unexplained miracle happens. As time passes on, life keeps going. August gets a star roll in a movie. Ethan starts to turn his passion for magic into a real career and gets a TV show. Throughout it all, they still remain friends but more unfortunate events take place and true feelings start to shine through.

Yes, this book is a teen romance, but it’s also about life long friendships, following your goals in life, and never forgetting your roots and how you were able to achieve everything in your life.

I highly recommend this book but be prepared to be hooked on it and not want to put it down. It’s a great book to read by the pool or the beach because the book just flows and before you realize it, you’re half way done.