World of Podcasts: SAYER

Sorana Joseph, Staff Writer

“I am SAYER” an eerie voice sounds. It is unnatural, it is not human. SAYER is a podcast written, voiced, and produced by Adam Bash. The podcast focuses on “your” experience on a new planet called Typhon. You are put into the position of Mr. Grey, the character who has woken up from hyper-sleep, and guided through your new surroundings by SAYER, an AI (artificial intelligence) designed by Aerolith Dynamics. It is terrifying and stress inducing as “you” are put through life threatening ordeals on a regular basis, ¬†left to fend for yourself and survive. SAYER knows everything about you, but he is hiding things from you, yet you must put all of your trust into him if you are to survive on Typhon. You must survive – you absolutely must survive.

You can listen to the pilot here and visit SAYER’s main page here, but be warned – SAYER is always watching, always listening.


SAYER Episode 1 – While You Are Still Paralyzed