Movie Review: Annabelle Creation


Tiffany Stavrakas, Staff Writer

The sequel of Annabelle, Annabelle Creation is one of the scariest movies that I’ve ever seen.

This movie is about how a doll-maker and his wife invite an orphanage into their home where they soon become haunted by their “dead daughter” Annabelle, which turns out to be a more evil presence than one thought. This movie is based around the same doll that was in the original Annabelle, except it’s more on the history of the doll and where it came from. After the family lost their daughter an evil entity (supposedly their daughter) took the form in the doll, also known as Annabelle. The doll tormented the orphanage and even the doll-maker and his wife endlessly.

Down from the eerie sounds, to chills running down my back I would definitely consider this a well put together scary movie. I’m not necessarily one to get easily scared, but this movie did it to me. The jump scares always had me on edge. Overall, there were always goosebumps on my skin from the vibe it gave off.

Annabelle creation was directed by David Sandberg and written by Gary Dauberman, the guys behind other horror favorites like The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2. David Sandberg also directed the horror flick Lights Out. Which is also known for it being scary, so it’s no wonder this movie has everyone talking about how horrifying it is.

This truly scary movie hit the box office on August 17, 2017 and debuted with $43 million at the box office. By comparison, the original Annabelle made $37 million when it was released in 2014. I think this movie is definitely worth the time and money. It’s better than the original and it would be a good movie to watch with a significant other (you could jump into their arms because of how scary it is) or you could even go with a group of your friends and still have a good time.