Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 3


Tiffany Stavrakas, Staff Writer

Over winter break a new Pitch Perfect movie was released. It is the third movie to this series and it hit the big screen December 27, 2017.

This is said to be the last movie in the trilogy. It’s been dragged out as much as it could be. The trilogy was directed by Trish Sie, who also directed “Step Up All In”, and written by Kay Cannon.

The movie budget for this movie was $45 million. It made $7.2 million on opening night.

The premise of the story is about an acapella sorority group go around competing between other acapella groups.

In my opinion, this movie was probably the worst one in the series. Since in the second movie almost all of the Bellas graduated and because of this is the case it didn’t have the same vibe that the first two movies had. Instead of having a college group competition it was a competition to preform for the United Service Organizations (USO). They only went against a few other groups, so it didn’t have competitive feeling that the original movie had. You weren’t rooting for them to win because it didn’t make you feel like you were a part of the group going through the situations they were like the other movies in this series did.

Not only did it not have a relatable plot, but it contained the least amount of songs. Since this is a movie based around an acapella group there should be a good amount of songs, which the other previous movies displayed, but this one was lacking. This movie was definitely not what I was hoping it would end up being.

With this being the last movie there should have been more emotions involved. By far Pitch Perfect 1 and Pitch Perfect 2 had more of an emotional connection with the audience than Pitch Perfect 3 did which is fairly unexpected. I would not recommend this movie if you’re looking for closure to the end of the trilogy. This movie would have been better off not being a part of the trilogy.