Backlash of Snapchat Update

Backlash of Snapchat Update

Jordan Foldy , Staff Writer

Not long ago Snapchat updated their app with an update that nobody is a fan of. It’s inconvenient and makes everything frustrating. They moved everything in one spot and it’s harder to find what people post or skip posts you don’t want to see. Many people liked the old update better because chats and people’s stories were in separate pages and it was easy to keep personal messages from public ones. It seems like Snapchat just made everything harder, the opposite of their intentions to simplify the app.

An update like this is always a risk and this time it didn’t pay off. Whether this was a ploy to make more money or an honest attempt to simplify their app to help users the update was a flop. They figured that the users would react wildly at first to such large changes, but then decided to do it anyway because they thought it would help them in the long run. The Snapchat rating on the App Store has dropped to 1.8 from 781.9K ratings, the majority of which are one star.  People that used to really like the app, even favoring it over apps like Instagram, are not impressed by the update.

As soon as the update came out everyone was saying how they hated it and wanted it to go back. Some tried not updating it at all due to all the complaints, but in the end their phones auto-updated it for them, even the people who keep auto-updates turned off. Ways of changing it back were circulating the internet, but they’re convoluted and most don’t really know if they work or not.

There was a rumor going around that Snapchat workers might change it back some time in the next month or two due to all the complaints, but it’s likely just a rumor because from what I hear and read from Snapchat they aren’t planning on changing it back anytime soon.