Kids’ Choice Awards Looks


Faith Beaubrun, Fashion Editor

Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards is a nostalgic part of our childhood. With all the changes kids’ networks have gone through over the years, it’s great to see that some things are still the same. The 30th KCAs brought that same feeling with some new and familiar faces to the iconic orange carpet. Hollywood’s youngest stars made their fashion mark on the fun and colorful carpet; as well as some influential older stars who brought their own youthfulness the event.

Here are my top looks of the night:


Zendaya is a young fashion icon and is always picking new looks to sport on outings. This nude tulle dress with mesh sleeves is cute and shows the star’s fashion versatility.

Kat Graham

The combination of over sized denim jacket and tulle skirt which marries into a grunge yet glam look, bringing elements of tomboy and feminine styles.

Yara Shahidi

Yara is known for always serving a fashion moment ever time she hits a carpet and here is no exception. The squared lined peplum style top and matching shorts are both youthful and sophisticated; perfect for this types of event.

Odell Beckham Jr.

OBJ did one for the guys on the orange carpet with the classic and simple street style look. Also, he gets extra points for being colorful at this overfull event with this bright yellow sweat jacket and tying in Nick’s the signature color on the laces.

Strom Reid

I absolutely love this colorful striped suit. The point of the KCAs is to be colorful and have fun and that is what this outfit represents. At the same time Storm, who recently staring in the movie A Wrinkle in Time along side Oprah, gives off the sophistication any movie star should with that kind of resume. The colors are the right shades and suit her (ha, get it?) well; also, her braids are the perfect fun yet artistic hairstyle for the look. Storm’s stylist really deserves a raise.


Millie Bobby Brown

Denim on denim has withstood the test of time and will always be in. Millie’s matching denim look put together and tailored well with the white detailing and matching white heels. The TV star also honored the victims the Parkland school shooting with all 17 of their names on the back of her top with the heading “March For Our Lives.”

Ella Anderson

I’ve been a big fan of layering spaghetti strap tops and long sleeves this season and this look is a great representation of it done right. The emerald green and black complement each other and the ankle boot with chain detailing elevates the look from 90s to now.

Riele Downs

This Nickelodeon star designed her KCAs outfit herself and I sense a future in fashion for this young star. This strapless one-piece striped in bring primary colors was already perfect but with the added chain-linked skirt takes the look to the next level. I love this cross between Wakanda warrior and Afro black girl magic.