Spider-Man PS4 Release Date Revealed


Jenise Mass, Staff Writer

This past week Insomniac Games officially announced the release date for its new Spider-Man game, revealed the cover art, and spoke about new details on the gameplay and story. The highly anticipated PS4 exclusive is expected to drop on September 7th, 2018, which is just over two years after it was initially announced at E3 2016.

The game follows an original story about a 23 year old Peter Parker who’s more experienced with his vigilante personality, Spider-Man, but still struggles to balance his personal life with his superhero life. Whereas other Spider-Man games focused on a Peter Parker/Spider-Man that was still learning his abilities, the game play of this one will explore aspects of an experienced Spidey such as more fluid web slinging, smoother acrobatics, and instinctive combat options all in a large open world that the player can interact with. This is essentially a new version of Spidey that players will get to experience. Even New York itself was designed to be an easily traversal environment and it will be largest open world in a Spider-Man game.

The game will also stick closely to the source material and focus more on the Spider-Man mythos such as the unexplored villains of his rogue gallery and other Spidey characters from the comics. The villain in this one is Martin Lee aka Mr. Negative, a villain who’s never debuted in the previous games or films, and it has been confirmed by trailer that Miles Morales (the other Spider-Man) will also be in the game. Some familiar faces appearing in the game are Aunt May and Peter’s most popular love Mary Jane Watson (although it’s not confirmed if they are together in this game). MJ will actually play a large role in the game and the player can even play as her.

Insomniac also revealed that they will release several DLCs after the game’s debut, as well as some new details for the Collector’s and Deluxe Editions of the game for those who plan on buying it. Pre-order and DLC content includes new Spidey suits, missions, villains and characters. At the moment the Digital Deluxe Edition is set at $80, while other prices and release dates for this content will be revealed at a later time.